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Marissa Hoisington

Marketing Director


Marissa has a passion for people and organization with a background in communication and event management. She dabbles in social media marketing in her free time and currently uses the platform as a creative outlet.

As Realkit’s client liaison, Marissa ensures a swift and streamlined onboarding process for all new clients. She is also the point of contact for our photography team, relaying vital information to them as needed. As an innovative strategist, she works tirelessly to develop more efficient processes in the workplace, both on the client-facing side and behind the scenes.

Her must-haves to get through the workday include caffeine in all its forms, chomps turkey jerky, Instagram memes, background music, and chapstick. Her ideal weekend is an oyster happy hour accompanied with sparkling wine, an Orange Theory Fitness class, and catching up on her guilty pleasure that is reality television.

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